Monday, October 13, 2008

my Hari Raya

Assalamualaikum everyone…. First of all I would like to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYAADILFITRIMAAF ZAHIR BATIN. How you’re EID Mubarak? For EID Mubarak this year, I and my family were celebrated at my father village because this year is our turn to celebrated HariRaya at my grandmother and grandmother house. By accident, all of my aunties and uncles also celebrated at here. Four days before EID Mubarak, all of my family had arrived to make some preparation for Hari Raya like change new curtain, cleaning around and in the house, make a ‘ KuihRaya’ and so on.

My grandmother house became noisy but in happiness because all of family meet especially children. My family is biggest family because my grandmother has 12 children, 11 daughters-in-law and 30 grandchild include me, so noisy… two days before Hari Raya we organize ‘Majlis Berbuka Puasa’ and ‘Majlis Tahlil’. After that we were going to ‘Solat Terawih’ together. One day before Hari Raya, I cook some cake and biscuits with my cousin, my unties make a ‘Nasi Himpit’, ‘Soto’, ‘Rendang’, and so on. My uncles make a ‘Lemang’, Satay, and ‘dodol’.

In the morning of Hari Raya, before going to ‘Solat Sunat Hari Raya’, we breakfast together and mutually forgiveness each other. After complete ‘Solat Sunat Hari Raya’, I and my family not going anywhere because we organize open house on that day. Many guests come to ‘beraya’.

I and all of my family co-operate to ‘Beraya’ on the second day of Hari Raya. We were going out from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. we were going to neighbors’ house first, then to my grandmother and grandfather siblings and so on. I’m feeling so happy although I’m tired. I still get ‘duit raya’ for this raya.

Monday, August 4, 2008

how UiTMT can improve their English

English is a important language today. English become a important language because it is used to communicate with other around the world. It is possible to communicate with other in Bahasa Melayu if we go to the some countries in the world that the people on the countries don't understand our language. So we must use English to communicate with them. There are many way how UiTMT can improve their English.

One of the way to improve English is we must read more English material such as books, magazine, newspaper, article, novel, essay, and so on. It is because, it can help you to know more vocabulary such as you can use many words that same meaning in your writing or when you talk. You also can improve your grammar automatically when you always read English material. So, reading English material can help we to improve English even in our writing or vocabulary.

Then, you should always communicate in English. To make it mire easy, you can find some friends who are experts in English. Communicate with them as much as you can. The other ways is you set one day for English day. That day, you speak in English with people around you. Communicate in English also the most important to make English become more better.

Last but not least, how to improve English is you should hear English songs and watch more English documentary, movies or news. when you hear English songs and understand the lyrics for the songs you can improve your pronunciation in English. Watch more English programs such as news, documentary or movies also can help you in your pronunciation. Hear English songs and watch English channel can improve your English especially in your pronunciation.

In conclusion, UiTMT can improve their English in may ways. So we must always use this ways to make English become more better. It is because English is a important language on the world nowadays. Also practice the way to improve English can make you became a excellent students in UiTMT especially.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what i learnt today in Bel 260 class today

today my group was present in the Bel 260 class, we was present about past continuous tense. my group have 5 member only, there is cik mel, nurin, fatehah, za and me. we only present about this around 15-20 minutes. for my group we have some exercise where who can answered the question that we give, the person will get a gift. i feel very happy, but i still shy to speak at the stage. before that, another group also present about simple past tense, there is boys group. for this class i had learnt the diferrent between simple past tense and past continuous tense. other than that, i also know when to use a simple past tense and also past continuous tense. for me, class bel 260 today is not bored. actually, in my class we divided to 6 group. each group will present every topic that miss syaz give. but for today, only two group was present. 30 minutes before class break, we are settle our second assignment for blog. that all......

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


assalamualaikum........ welcome to my blog, my name is yuhaniz asmar binti che deraman, i came from melor kota bharu kelantan. i'm 19 years old. for this i like to share with you my interesting goods in my life. i'm very like to collect mickey's goods. since i standard 4 until now i like to buy all of mickey's things. now i have many collection from mickey's collection such as mug, school bag, pencil box, pillow, mouse for my laptop, a lot of keychain and many more. i don't know why i'm very like to collect mickey's things, but for me when i look mickey's face, it's so cute for me..... my mum also support my hobbies, but my mum always says that my hobby like children. that's all for me today's.... i hope you like what i share to you. bye bye.....